AI Assistant


meet, your AI Assistant

 • Answers any question
 • Summarizes your email
 • Compares concepts
 • Plays videos and music
 • Checks news and weather
 • Reminds you of things
 • Checks your investments is your digital assistant that thinks before it answers!

At its core, knows about millions of things stored in its internal knowledge base while at the same time it can automatically access the internet. analyzes all this knowledge through its internal Natural Language and Concept Processing engine, which syntactically, semantically and conceptually processes questions or statements posed. can read and summarize texts and web pages, process concepts, properties and facts and can check information for accuracy and relevancy before responding.

Running Commentary works for you!

It provides news and weather briefs, email summaries, reminders, investment checks and much more.


Email Summaries

Many of us spend just too much time shifting through our daily emails. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have just a summary? Or maybe just bullet points? Or your daily email as a one-pager?

Based on its internal Natural Language Processor, a very extensive internal knowledge base and its intelligent search functionality email is a cloud based intelligent personal assistant that can do exactly that.


and it works everywhere!

Deployed on the cloud, works seamlessly across all device types including web, mobile and tablets.








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